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Tomato Paste
About Zaki
From its inception Zaki funders have committed to make sure that Zaki products always meet the highest quality standers. Our commitment to excellence, at all times, and customer satisfaction is the core of our business.
Our standards ensure consistent flavor and superior quality and we are committed to providing great-tasting products that enrich your family's meals. Our rich history, extensive tomato knowledge, and unparalleled dedication to quality set us apart, and allow us to fulfill the Zaki’s promise.
We have been doing business with family farmers who are also committed to bringing you the best tomatoes. Each year, our farmers grow 55 different tomato varieties and our tomato experts choose the ideal varieties based upon criteria such as sweetness, texture, and flavor profile to make each specific product. We wait until our tomatoes are perfectly red, juicy, and full of flavor, and then we quickly pick them at the peak of ripeness. We hand select only the best for our products, ensuring each one meets the standard for Zaki's quality.
Zaki producers uses a natural steam process to prepare and pack, avoiding the harsh chemicals that many of our competitors use, to give you the most natural tomatoes possible. Zaki is the undisputed leader in tomatoes and we are continuing to go the extra mile to bring you the best and most consistent quality possible. Try the fresh tomato taste of Zaki in your favorite recipe today!
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